State Roofing Systems, Inc. Leak Service Policy

Client must notify tenants of the possibility of fumes entering the building. If client requires MSDS provide copies or contact office to fax copies. 
A. Multiple Roof Systems: Cut down to first roof repair or replace section with single ply, tie into each roof individually at least six inches.  To be performed on dry day only.

B. Never attempt repair to top roof unless the system is a retro-fit that was properly installed.

C. No Visqueen or tarp repairs .

D. Remove gravel on all repairs.

E. Three course flashing without surfacing (return when roof is dry to install permanent repair that is surfaced), or SBS into mastic, or SBS / APP torch applied.

F. Completely remove entire blister and build-up with mastic and mesh.

G. Remove all debris generated from repair from the roof.

I. Using Arcylic Mastic on ducts requires wire brushing of all rust and loose material prior to installation. Unit must be shut down prior to application. Thermo T-60 is recommended on dry applications only.

J. If roof requires permanent repair, review with Administrator immediately so that client can be notified and issue approval for work.

K. If roof requires an estimate for replacement or major restoration mark “attention sales”
L. Two visits maximum for any service call. Superintendent (warranty) or Salesman must visit site to evaluate the leak source and provide pricing.

Owner / Contractor - Safety Requirements:

1. Fumes may be generated during the roofing project.  To minimize the access of fumes into the building, the Owner is advised to set the ventilation systems on re-circulation or temporarily shut units off.  Tenants/Occupants should be notified by the Building Owner.  In addition, the Tenants/Occupants should also be advised to keep windows/doors closed during the project.  In some cases, alternative ventilation systems should be utilized.  Building Owner is advised to seek recommendations from an HVAC contractor if alternative sources are required.

2. Reasonable care will be taken during the re-roofing project to protect your property and landscaping.

3. Owner of the property, their Agents and Tenants agree to hold harmless the Contractor, its employees and vendors from cracks or damages in driveway or sidewalks due to the access of construction vehicles.  If surface cannot withstand the weight of our vehicles, the Owner will provide alternative access locations.

4. State Roofing Systems, Inc. carries the required insurance coverage's for liability, auto and workers compensation.  Contractor is adequately insured for injury to its employees and others incurring loss or injury as a result of the acts of Contractor or its employees.  Owner will be listed as “additional insured” upon request.