Protect Your Investment

Whether you are a homeowner or the property manager for a large commercial building, installation of a new roof is an expensive and important consideration. An accurate basis for a good roof is proper design, quality materials, proper drainage and accurate application by roofing professionals. However, correct installation of the roof is only the first step. An established program of regular inspections and proper maintenance is absolutely critical to guarantee long-lasting, successful performance.

While long-term warranties are offered by many roofing material manufacturers, they often contain provisions that significantly limit their liability in the event that problems develop or damage occurs. The National Roofing Contractors Association believes that a formal, long-term relationship with a professional roofing contractor is the most cost-effective and accurate method of ensuring satisfactory roof performance.

Maintenance programs can offer the following advantages:

  • Pro-active approach to identifying and correcting  problems in their early stages before they become catastrophes.
  • Reveal and address potential causes for leaks before they occur.
  • Planned, organized approach to roof management allows for responsible management of long-term capital expenditures.
  • Faster turn-around time in addressing leakage problems than manufacturer warranty repairs typically offer.

State Roofing Systems, Inc. Full Service Warranty Program

As professional roofing contractors, State Roofing Systems, Inc. offers a Full Service Warranty Program designed to successfully manage and protect your long-term investment.

Features and Benefits:


We inform you of the condition of your roof including signs of material failure, equipment leaks, clogged drains, vandalism, tenant abuse and damage by other trades.


As required by all manufacturers for continued product warranty. We have the expertise to ensure that the necessary work is completed in order to maximize the life span of the roof system and end the disruption, lost time, fall hazards and related problems that roof leaks can cause.


Critical on all roof systems. We keep drainage systems clear which helps reduce ponding water, prevents unnecessary leaks, increases safety and prolongs the life of the roof.


We provide budget figures for reserve studies and long-range planning for restoration, resurfacing and replacement of roofing systems.

Full Service Warranty Programs:

    Includes all inspections, maintenance, debris removal and roof management reports for a 10-year period. Our best value, paid in advance, renewable.
    Inspections, maintenance, debris removal and roof management reports are provided annually, extending the warranty throughout the useful life of the roof.
  • 5 + 5 PROGRAM
    Renewable contractor’s warranty designed to provide protection against roof leaks beyond the original warranty period. Extensions available throughout the useful life of the roof.
  • Custom Programs are also designed to meet each clients personal needs.