Multifamily Roofing

Multifamily Roofing

A roofing system is a building’s primary defense against the weather, and replacing it can be one of the more expensive capital improvement projects a property manager can face. This is especially the case for buildings that are designed to house multiple occupants such as condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and more. At State Roofing Systems, Inc., we believe property owners should be able to get roofing solutions at a competitive price without having to sacrifice quality or safety. 

Multifamily Roofing Services

State Roofing Systems is a premier roofing company that provides a range of roofing services, including multifamily structure roofing. Our multifamily roofing contractors are dedicated to helping you keep your roof in its best condition. To accomplish that, we offer everything from simple maintenance procedures to full roof replacement services. Along with our comprehensive services, we only use the highest-quality building materials.

Although most multifamily housing tends to use flat or low slope roofs, we’ve seen it all. Whether your building has flat or steep roofing, we can take care of it. Our team has worked with numerous property managers over the years to implement roofing solutions for all types of commercial roofs.    

Our Services

  • Apartment Roof Repair: Our roofing specialists repair any damage we discover.
  • Roof Replacement: When your roof reaches the end of its useful life, we can install a new roof system while minimizing any disruptions.
  • Annual Inspections: We thoroughly analyze your roof and identify any roof problems such as material failure, equipment leaks, clogged drains, vandalism, tenant abuse, and more. 
  • Roof Maintenance: We do all the necessary maintenance needed to maximize the lifespan of your roof system. 
  • Debris Removal: When debris accumulates, it can cause drainage problems. We keep drainage systems clear, which helps reduce ponding water, prevents unnecessary leaks, and increases safety while prolonging the life of the roof.
  • Roof Management Report: We provide budget figures for reserve studies and long-term planning for restoration, resurfacing, and replacement of roofing systems.

Our Full-Service Warranty

As a professional apartment roofing company, State Roofing Systems offers a Full-Service Warranty Program that’s meant to protect your investment for the long haul. Our programs include:

  • Prepaid Premium Program: This is an all-encompassing program that includes all inspections, maintenance, debris removal, and roof management reports for a 10-year period. This program has the best value and it’s renewable. 
  • Yearly Premium: Annually, we’ll come by to perform inspections, debris removal, maintenance, and roof management reports. This program can be extended throughout the useful life of your roof.
  • 5 + 5 Program: This is a renewable contractor’s warranty designed to provide protection against leaks beyond the original warranty period. This program can be extended throughout the useful life of your roof. 
  • Custom Program: We can create a customized warranty program to meet the unique needs of your business.