Solar Electric

Solar Electric

WARNING: State Roofing Systems has not entered into any agreement with any Solar Finance Company. If anyone tells you that you can qualify for a loan under our Company name to install Solar it is an illegal scam. You can call our office if someone contacts you with this type of program and we will notify the local Police Departments and Federal Agencies.

Solar Electricity

We have been installing photovoltaic panels on low slope and steep slope roofs since 2001. Our first installation is currently in operation on the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin CA.

Our relationship with SunPower Corporation (previously PowerLight) began with the understanding that the solar installation needs to be designed to provide long term energy without affecting the roof system.

Our crews not only have an excellent understanding of roof installation they are also aware of the hazards of working on roofs and taking care of protecting the membrane from damage during installation of the solar panels.

This industry has grown quickly since 2001 and it has started to show signs of any industry that grows too quickly. Some installers are more interested in selling products than they are interested in designing systems that will perform long term.

SunPower Corporation has two exceptional products that are designed to perform without any penetration in the roof system. These advanced designs allow for roof replacement in the future at reduced costs compared to typical rack system installations.

In the cases where rack systems are required, it is critical that the penetrations be installed by licensed roofing contractors. This installation is critical to the success of the overall system. Improper installations will lead to roof leaks and in some cases premature failure.

If you have any interest in Solar Electric, please contact us for a system that will meet your expectations.

Partial List of Solar Installations:

  • Alameda County (6 sites)
  • Lowe’s
  • City of Oakland
  • Wal-Mart
  • AC Transit
  • Fed Ex Oakland
  • Target Stores
  • City of Vallejo
  • Whole foods
  • Cal State East Bay
  • Franchise Tax Board
  • Macy’s
  • Wine Coop
  • Lunardi’s

Solar Electric Photos

Agilent Technologies

Santa Clara, CA


Bakersfield, CA

Target / Bayfair Mall

San Leandro, CA


Chino, CA